Author: Paige Vaccaro

Why I Didn’t Report

Why I didn’t report. Why I wish I did. Why I would testify… if I saw my attacker was nominated as a Supreme Court Justice.   Rutgers University 2001   It was my senior year and I lived off campus with two other roommates. We weren’t huge party people, all of us got good grades and went on to graduate and have solid careers. (Not that any of that really matters to the story.) Our favorite local bar was one block away, so we would walk down for drinks on weekend nights and sometimes for Happy Hour. I turned...

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“So you love her hair…” a poem by Paige Vaccaro

So you love her hair, eh? Wild and free Curls defying gravity You love how they bounce When she walks So full of cuteness Every ounce You love her light eyes  And how they pop  Against the backdrop  Of her caramel skin She’s so beautiful  Your pockets would be so full  You say If she would model  For Old Navy Or some agency Willing to pay For her variety Of beauty You love her hair, eh? That’s what you say But can you see The legacy  Of slavery  Buried in her skin Can you feel the heat  Of prejudice...

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