Month: November 2017

Wolf Parade: Cry, Cry, Cry

Wolf Parade Cry, Cry, Cry SubPop, 2017 Perhaps no one was sadder than I when Wolf Parade hung up their guitars and drumsticks and went on hiatus in 2011 in the wake of what I (still) consider their best album, Expo 86. There is always a personal dimension for me with this band. They’re from British Columbia, I grew up in Vancouver. Expo 86 got its name because they all realized they were at Vancouver’s World’s Fair in the same week in 1986. I also went to Expo 86 a bunch of times. They formed in Montreal, I’m originally...

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Diving Deep: Tunateca Balfegó by El Equipo Creativo

Photo: Adrià Goula [Originally published in Frame Magazine #118] In creating Tunateca Balfegó Espai Gastronómic, a restaurant dedicated exclusively to dishes prepared with Atlantic bluefin tuna (atún rojo in Spanish, an allusion to the deep red colour of the raw meat), acclaimed Barcelona studio El Equipo Creativo was tasked with both the interiors and the concept of the somewhat unusual establishment. The project is the brainchild of a family from the small coastal town of L’Ametlla de Mar, in the neighbouring province of Tarragona. Having fished the Mediterranean for five generations, the Balfegós are renowned for supplying top chefs around the world with this highly prized delicacy. Don’t be confused: despite its name, the Atlantic bluefin also populates the waters of the Mediterranean. “We were commissioned to design a gastronomic space that would promote Atlantic bluefin tuna as a quality product and, at the same time, make it known to the general public,” says El Equipo Creativo partner Natali Canas del Pozo. “We worked closely with the Balfegó family from the very beginning, at the conceptual stage, even before a space had been found.” The challenge, she explains, “was to create a showroom or ‘flagship store’ for a brand of tuna – and to do for that brand what has been so successfully done with Iberian ham: make it widely known as a local product of a very high quality.” To achieve...

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Tin Star: Revenge, Renunciation and Desire

There’s great pleasure in the renunciation of desire. I know this because for thirty years I refused to eat dead mammals, I dressed like an impoverished graduate student, I acted as if the world were a juvenile detention facility—that’s what they call them, really—and I cut my own hair with scissors, mirrors, and electric razors. Meanwhile, I was the Ideal Dad, Mister Mom, the father who did all the cooking, went to every extracurricular event, and helped with the homework, too. I’m not like that anymore. I left my marriage ten years ago, moved to New York, got a...

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