Author: Laura Kipnis

the letters always poet by lynk bella hues

I read lynk bella hues’s poems on Facebook in the aftermath of the “Harper’s Letter” and wanted to feature them (even though, or precisely because, some of our editorial staff were signatories). –James Livingston lynk bella hues is a differently abled anti-racist queer labor feminist who lives in Newark, New Jersey. They explore mad intersectionality within a liberatory marxist poetry framework, itself a product of their experiences and studies to know self, words, and the unequally structured world, past to present, toward understanding and changing it. An unemployed worker because of their serious psychiatric disability, hues shares literary and reportage work on their blog, the matrix and the mess, which is located at...

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When the Predator is a Lady

We are pleased to run the unexpurgated version of a piece on Avital Ronell and Asia Argento that was recently published elsewhere (in what Kipnis described as a brutally eviscerated form). Big news this week on the sexual transgression front. Two well-known women—one a movie star and #MeToo luminary, Asia Argento; the other an academic star, New York University professor Avital Ronell—were hit with allegations by two young men claiming to have been sexually victimized. Terrible as the charges were, I confess that part of me was relieved: the #MeToo conversations had started to seem a bit smug about...

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