Author: Jeffrey J. Williams

My Neighbors

I live in Squirrel Hill. I moved to Pittsburgh fourteen years ago to take a job as a professor at Carnegie Mellon University and have lived in Squirrel Hill since, for the most part in Maxon Towers on Shady and Forbes Avenues, a tall apartment building three blocks from the Tree of Life synagogue. Looking north, I can see the white roofs of Tree of Life from my balcony. The people who go to Tree of Life are my neighbors. Quite literally. Two people on my hallway go to Tree of Life, and they tell me to wear heavier...

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The Legend of George Orwell

Some writers are known as much for their legends as for their writing. Think of Hemingway or Kerouac. George Orwell likewise has a place in popular myth, though as a more austere and moral hero, a prophet against communism in a clear English prose. You can see his gaunt, lined face on a t-shirt or coffee mug, and you will come upon his wax likeness at Madame Tussaud’s in London, sitting at a typewriter as a jack-booted policeman looms behind his right shoulder. Moreover, his name has morphed into an adjective, so we might call the cameras watching you...

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