Month: July 2020

The Autumn of Our Discontent

Linda Charnes July 28, 2020 As a college professor who’ll be doing “distance-teaching” this coming academic year, I’d like to add some thoughts to the ongoing debates about the college experience. Last March just before Spring Break, nearly all accredited universities and colleges almost instantly switched to teaching online, via Zoom or Skype, or other university applications. The change was fast, and most of us had never taught an online course before. I personally had hoped to finish out my teaching career without ever teaching a distance course, since being in the classroom with my students is the singular...

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Bruce Andrews: A Change Is Gonna Come

Bruce Andrews is a New York City-based (since 1975) Poet, literary theorist & retired Political Science professor (tilted to the Left — for 5 minutes of entertainment, google his stand-off with Bill O’Reilly as ‘Outrage of the Week’). Musical Director for Sally Silvers & Dancers, he has created sound designs & live mixes of music & text for over two decades of performances. For a Symposium on his poetry (several dozen books & chapbooks worth) & web archive (interviews, performance texts, poetry, collaborations, & critical essays), check out:  3 books from U NewMexico Press are just out: a reprint of the full run of L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E magazine, a collection of Letters related to it & to so-called Language Poetry, & the five-way collaboration, Legend. _______________   A  CHANGE  IS  GONNA  COME Bruce Andrews [#SIGNAGEs of the day,  New York City, 2020 — April May June]   “SORRY, WE’RE  DEAD” — [on the door of a Costume apparel store] “TITLE  OF  WORK” “Employees Must Carve SLAYER Into Forearm Before Returning to Work” “Why Are You Still Holding On?” “IMBLEACH  HIM” “Make the POTUS Great Again” “You’re a mess” “We  Are  Not  Convinced” “Pretend you like it” “You  Bet  Your  Ass” “Can  You  Imagine” “You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake” “Post  No  Hate” — (wall outside Jean-Michel Basquiat’s 1983-88 residence) “WISH  YOU  WERE . . . CLOSER” “Hello  My...

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News from St. Louis

News from St. Louis Lowry Pei   The wife holds her pistol as if it’s a cigarette she’s in the middle of smoking, and she’s showing it to you: See, I have a cigarette. When I’m holding a cigarette, nothing can happen to me. Could that be what she’s thinking? What is she imagining that she is doing? What if her cigarette should drop an ash, or a bullet just at the moment, in her waving of it, when it happens to be pointing at a human being? Does she think that person would die? Maybe she thinks it’s...

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Aesthetics in the Discipline of Literary Study Today

Before the pandemic, before the murder of George Floyd and the others whose names we have been chanting, before even the presidential election of 2016, it already seemed, in the humanities, that it was the world and not just the job market that was falling apart. Provocative questions were being asked about whether we have maybe forgotten why we do what we do and why it is or isn’t worth doing. Truth? Beauty? Justice? In the midst of this Jonathan Arac wrote a crystalline micro-credo and put it away in his drawer. In it he sums up a life’s...

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