We’re back in gear as the fall draws near. We invite readers to submit new poems for publication when “Car Poems” resumes in late September 2018. The email address for “Car Poems” submissions is carpoemspl@gmail.com or through the Politics/Letters submission link.

In addition to “Car Poems,” which focuses on poems about cars, travel, transport, driving, or anything remotely related to the road and its inhabitants, we’re launching a new literary section. Titled Anti-Genrethis new section resists conventional literary boundaries. Submissions may include or combine fiction, creative non-fiction, poetry, video, sound, and cross-genre explorations. Submit previously unpublished writings for this new section to againstgenre@gmail.com or to editor@politicsslashletters.live

The deadline to submit work for October/November 2018 publication is October 15, 2018.

Thank you so much for your loyal reading. See you soon!

Theresa Smalec and Matthew Friedman