This third installment features car-themed poems by Vancouver-based Jeff Derksen— taken from the idiom of car sales in Craig’s List. Derksen is interested in the particular language (and class aspect) of how older cars are described for sale. And also in the way the car culture persists in cities and suburbs.


In the Idiom:

All Cars & Trucks

(dealer + by owner)


1988 audi


a new deceleration

valve but with that

it will run fine

brand new battery

it doesn’t run

right now, like i said

it needs

a deceleration valve

but i would be willing

to tow it

to you.


1985 Audi 4000 Quattro. Exterior

is stock red

interior is brown cloth

with black dash

and door paneling.

Needs break job

& possibly alignment.

Other than that

this car runs

like a CHAMP!

Its a nice ride!


so we have two

cars that we need

to get rid of

the 92 audi 100s fwd runs

and drives, but

its an automatic

and it sticks

in first gear. the 99

subaru is wrecked

and the drivetrain

is not saveable

the radiator

was pushed into

the timing belt cover

and we tried to push

the car in neutral

but we hit

a big clunk.

the audi

just needs a transmission

or a transmission

service, and whoever

picks up the subaru

will either need

a flat bed

and a STRONG winch

or an extra set of wheels

to put underneath

the rear end

because its all wheel drive.

the cars are complete

but we will

be keeping the wheels

and the front seats

off of the Subaru

other then that

both cars are complete,

full drivetrain interior

(other then the subaru seats)

and they both even

have the catalytic converters

on them. easily

$100-$200 just right there.

give me a text

or a call at 503-555-4685

name is Jordan

and both cars have

the title

and they are both clear.



Jeff Derksen’s poetry books include The VestigesTransnational Muscle Cars, Dwell, Until, and Down Time and his critical books are After Euphoria, Annihilated Time and How High Is the City, How Deep Is Our Love. With the research collective Urban Subjects he has co-edited Autogestion, or Henri Lefebvre in New Belgrade and The Militant Image Reader. He’s currently the Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies at Simon Fraser University, in Vancouver. His research resides at the intersection of geography, poetics and cultural practices.