bent my body 
like words to pronounce 
his pleasure.
Vowels sighed softly
punctuated with hard consonants 
like teeth on skin
sinking lower
sucked into tonal umlauts
drawn into the back of the throat
then pushed through the tongue
the lips
to land lightly
and caress the neck.

Teasing t’s 
flicked around the ear
then drawn like a long l
down the shoulder
twisted around the bowed bicep
a curved phonetic 
ensnared in accents
oh, oh, ooohs,
and lulls like
the concavity of the collarbone
as he uttered
an unintelligible syllable 
from the bottom 
of his throat
the syntax of a desire
no longer sublimated
but spoken in flushed skin
and hurried hands
and swelling