So you love her hair, eh?
Wild and free
Curls defying gravity
You love how they bounce
When she walks
So full of cuteness
Every ounce
You love her light eyes 
And how they pop 
Against the backdrop 
Of her caramel skin
She’s so beautiful 
Your pockets would be so full 
You say
If she would model 
For Old Navy
Or some agency
Willing to pay
For her variety
Of beauty
You love her hair, eh?
That’s what you say
But can you see
The legacy 
Of slavery 
Buried in her skin
Can you feel the heat 
Of prejudice overcome
To put the pink in her cheeks
Do you touch her curls
With the same fingers
You use to clutch pearls
And vote for nationalists 
That see her brown skin 
As a threat 
As something their country 
Should regret
Will you compliment her dress
Then support a leader
Who feels it is ok to undress
Females and strip them 
Of their rights and dignity 
Don’t you see 
She is the fruit 
From the trees
From which her ancestors
Were hung
You love her hair, eh?
Maybe you should think
Before you speak