Author: Tom Cartelli


DRONES (19 December 2021)     I like to think I’m as well-versed about America as anyone. I’ve got Ginsberg’s poem down pat, chapter and verse. and am at least half as sentimental about the Wobblies as he was. I’ve driven across the country coast to coast six times, seen everything worth seeing, happy even that we stole most of the West from Mexico. When I was a kid Dad took me on a train trip across the USA, stopping to stay with his old Seabee buddies. I loved SF and vowed to return to live and did and...

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    1. A Juggler & Mime (1st c., A.D.) I, Toreuma, famous for my many plays and games, am buried in this earth even before I reached the age of 20. I spent my brief life happily. Now—boring old age—I have managed To escape your clutches!   2. A Citizen of Troy (1st c., A.D.) “Troy, the land that made a famous wall, made me and is joyful because now my name is bonded to the origins of Rome. Now the urn holds me in a narrow space and encloses my bones, kept safe through the love of...

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