Author: Philip Kitcher


    As arranged for the Supremes a quintet of High Judicial Voices     O Donny boy, the fuzz, the fuzz are calling, from state to state, around the USA. Time’s running out, and your defenses falling. They are intent on putting you away. But we’ll be here when sun shines on the fairway, or when the hurricanes of August blow – we shall provide your legal exit stairway. O Donny boy, O Donny boy, we love you so.   If it transpires that juries have decided, and you are toast, as toast you well may be, we’ll...

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McCarthys Rule!

               We are family: I know                I see eye to eye with Joe. We love baseball, motherhood, and apple pie.           We agree that it’s a pity                         that we still need his committee so that treachery’s exposed and traitors die.           I have built an iron cordon:                  Libs will never cross my Jordan. All their Commie plots are...

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      ‘Saved by Grace’: Evangelicals Find a Way Forward with Herschel Walker.                                                       The New York Times       The chief appeal of Herschel Walker is not his talent as a talker, nor the announcement he’s been caught urging a girl-friend to abort: (on which reporters write with glee, lampooning his hypocrisy.)   Wise Calvin taught us: God’s elect aren’t always those we would expect. Abusive men who have affairs are, like all humans, Adam’s heirs. God is compelled to choose a sinner – so why not pick a proven...

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… what was once the subject of serious discussion on the political periphery has migrated closer to the mainstream. New York Times        It is time to stop the whining      about evils caused by race –      we need some realigning      so that people know their place. America’s declining, in a fashion we abhor: it is time to have another civil war.      It is time to stop the bitching:      woman’s proper place is clear.      She’s the monarch of the kitchen,      queen of our domestic...

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