Author: Philip Kitcher


      ‘Saved by Grace’: Evangelicals Find a Way Forward with Herschel Walker.                                                       The New York Times       The chief appeal of Herschel Walker is not his talent as a talker, nor the announcement he’s been caught urging a girl-friend to abort: (on which reporters write with glee, lampooning his hypocrisy.)   Wise Calvin taught us: God’s elect aren’t always those we would expect. Abusive men who have affairs are, like all humans, Adam’s heirs. God is compelled to choose a sinner – so why not pick a proven...

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… what was once the subject of serious discussion on the political periphery has migrated closer to the mainstream. New York Times        It is time to stop the whining      about evils caused by race –      we need some realigning      so that people know their place. America’s declining, in a fashion we abhor: it is time to have another civil war.      It is time to stop the bitching:      woman’s proper place is clear.      She’s the monarch of the kitchen,      queen of our domestic...

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      Junkies today can revel in the blitz of news to feed the needs with which they’re cursed. Obsessive readers want the juicy bits: it takes the uncut text to quench their thirst.   Rumors of dope on Presidential crimes – the censor disappoints the folk who crave it. The masterpiece truncated for our times, Ulysses’  legacy – an...

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  For Bruce Robbins   The rigid-willed rule from the bench, their judgment filled with oil’s rich stench. Fixated will returns advances, and thus must kill the children’s chances. Sclerotic-willed foes of “the state” should live to see our planet’s fate sadly fulfilled by their...

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  On the Best Advice Oh, a little bit of bleach is good for you, And so is lying on a sunny beach, If you’re ravaged by the flu And you don’t know what to do There is nothing like a little bit of bleach.   On those days when blooming health seems out of reach When your body’s racked with pain You will soon feel right as rain, And be in the pink again If you’ll just inject a little bit of bleach.   So attend to what the learned doctors teach: When you’re feeling not quite right, And you hope to ease your plight, Bathe yourself in UV light And always take a little bit of bleach.   Ode to a Miracle Drug Sweet hydroxychloroquine! Wondrous substance! Drug divine! Of thy virtues for the lung Mighty men have often sung. Tho’ no studies, double blind, Blaze thy splendors to mankind, I will all thy powers prove. Live with me, and be my love! That my airways may breathe free Shed thy healing balm on me. All thy blessings shall be mine, Sweet hydroxychloroquine!   Summer’s Promise The warm caresses of the summer sun, When the humidity climbs very high, Announce that now disease’s course is run, Viruses all must melt away and die. Acclaim the miracle of nature’s round! Rejoice to feel the sunshine on your face!...

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