Author: Michele Streeter

east berlin, in retrospect

 my first night here, i glide through the streets with forbidden rock ‘n’ roll in my ears, reveling in the monochrome, and search for the perfect concrete wall to bang my head against.   i walk up to a Plattenbau, where i see a couple framed in a third-floor window, sitting at a small wooden table, a pot of tea between them, their hands loosely clasped.   i watch them for several minutes and let my loneliness ravage me, then slam my forehead against the wall.   my head makes barely a sound, and the bloodstain isn’t as startling...

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divorce done right

i picture this bald creep, William B. Orr, Esq., on his annual trip to Secrets Hideaway Resort & Spa-Kissimmee  Secrets-Kissimmee is tucked off Florida Highway 192, a 22-minute drive down a fevered, Popeye-d stretch to the Star Motel, which the owner abandoned to the residents at the beginning of the pandemic, fleeing to suburban Atlanta and leaving $9,000 in unpaid electric bills the Star Motel is a palm-treed hell right here on earth; the residents have to pool their resources to keep the power on  or else the rooms get stifling and people get testy and the guns start...

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