Author: Matilde Augusta

Throw a Tampon at Your Dad: “The Worst Person in the World” is Joachim Trier’s Best Film Yet

Throw a Tampon at your Dad –  The Worst Person in the World is Joachim Trier’s best movie yet Matilde Augusta   Joachim Trier’s The Worst Person in the World is interested in gender in a way that the other movies in his Oslo trilogy are not. In fact, it seems as though Trier is trying to confront a possibly sexist legacy. Both Reprise (2008) and Oslo, August 31st (2011) were made well before #MeToo. The Worst Person in the World, however, is very conscious of being a post-#MeToo movie, with one of its twelve chapter titles explicitly referencing...

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The Ocean Doesn’t Care

The Ocean Doesn’t Care – Now – We drive West from the airport to where the rivers meet. For eight years, several hundred kilometers have lain between the Arctic circle and me. I’d forgotten that here nothing escapes scars. The shapes of the mountains, with sharp lines like screams, tell of millennia-long torture by ice. The birch trees, suffering from a disease, are withered and yellowing despite the spring. Trolled is the word for everything unsettling. We pass a trolled river which, for some reason my mother can’t remember, looks as if it’s running up the mountain. I play...

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