Author: Barnaby Raine

Israel cannot cure itself

On January 1, a frail 16 year-old girl stood in a military court. This is how Israel welcomes the new year. Surrounded by soldiers a child mustered all that she had to look up and to look ahead, not to let them see her weakness, not to cry. She knows these sham courts boast 99% conviction rates. All the world’s cameras glared at the accused and we never saw the judge. The cameras snapped the Palestinian, but I wanted to see the Israelis. What the Israeli state and public craved when they hauled Ahed Tamimi before a uniformed judge...

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What is Trumpism?

I know almost nothing about Ellen Degeneres. I know that to some she is a modern American hero, I know that she recently ruled out ever inviting Trump onto her show and I know that she likes to dance. This last thing I know because I watched her dance to millions of viewers with George W Bush. She had him on her show shortly after Trump’s inauguration: “I love your whole family,” she crooned, and the timing was not accidental. As respectable imaginations shivered at the thought of an orange bull raging through the Oval Office, here was a...

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