Month: June 2018

Car Poems for Robert Kroetsch – Part III

  RK: portrait By Dennis Cooley in of reticent through more We one, that’s the there’s is He the know that in him. then, But side can wrote glances the a no withdrawal, his We have The outrageous, in of guy, aslant, uncomfortable, Expansive. quiet, his or we shyly There essays—hunched, story. about of Kroetsch, duck of overflowing. have other that. we thumb the loud Kroetsch from point books, all He’s a pencil camera. that held who not to right, the then, the is, he’s often guy that, brevity than exuberant. in one what is. feast—what Kroetsch to almost...

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Car Poems for Robert Kroetsch – Part IV

Photo and copyright by George Webber Photography, originally published in AlbertaViews.   Kroetsch and Cars:  “Floor It” By Aritha van Herk You always drove cars the colour of asphalt parking lots.  They served as effective camouflage, impossible to find, quiet in their under-studied disguise, locum tenens for your breakaway, your constantly figurative departures. Your characters rely on cars as a device, use them to escape, use them to careen down endless highways, through roadblocks, up north. You wanted to be fond of hitchhikers, but knew they were vortexes of misdeed, the wrong side of the road and dangerous for...

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Black Thought : Streams of Thought, Vol. I

Black Thought Streams of Thought, Vol. I Human Re Sources Black Thought is better known as the frontman of The Roots, the legendary and long-standing Philly rap band that is perhaps better known to people today as Jimmy Fallon’s house band.  And as Jimmy Fallon’s house band, I have never seen much for Black Thought to do as his bandmates play music for the show.  This is a shame, because Black Thought may be the greatest rapper of all-time.  Or at least he’s close to it.  He has a smooth, velvety delivery, despite the gravel in his voice. It’s...

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The Return of The The

I read the most bizarre article in The Guardian last week.  It was about Matt Johnson and his band, The The.  The headline had me vexed from the getgo: ‘With his band The The, Matt Johnson lit up the 80s. Now pop’s bright light is shining again.’  I had this total WTF? moment.  The The were around in the 80s, yeah. And they had some hits in their native UK.  And some underground hits here on this side of the Atlantic (meaning the US and Canada).  The 1980s trilogy of albums, Soul Mining, Infected, and Mind Bomb bordered on brilliant. They were...

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Wend and Calque by Lea Graham

Installment 25 features two poems by Lea Graham: excursions into meaning that meander toward etymology, history, memory, and association. “Wend” and “Calque” travel the back roads and back channels of language, constantly surprising and rerouting expectations in the process.   *** Wend: to direct one’s course; to travel, proceed 1. Forty years later in Mayflower, Arkansas, I wake from the dream where I am forever riding the Greyhound around hairpins, a car-sick kid next to a chain-smoking crone draped in a pink afghan. I’m eager for the mountain’s descent where the river begins to bottom out this drive, but stuck...

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