Month: March 2018

Eric Bolander: The Wind

Eric Bolander The Wind Independent The Wind is Eric Bolander’s second solo album (following 2016’s Postcards to Myself).  He’s a veteran of the Lexington, KY, music scene, first in local legends Modern Day Relic, and now in Alcatraz Shakedown.   The Wind kicks off with the mid-tempo rocker, ‘Closer To That Flame’; the driving beat conjures up images of Sturgill Simpson’s recent output. For an acoustic singer/songwriter, Bolander is incredibly versatile.  Aside from the opener, the music varies from traditional country and Americana to rock, to perhaps the most intriguing track, a cover of Prince’s ‘Purple Rain.’  Long a staple of...

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Sunns: Felt

Suuns Felt Secretly Canadian The record label Secretly Canadian isn’t actually Canadian.  It doesn’t even have an office in Canada.  I don’t know who they’re trying to fool.  Suuns, on the other hand, are Canadian, from Montréal.  I first saw them live c. 2009 or 2010 back home in the Mecca, in a dusty, concrete room, with a lot of black steel girders, a kind of post-modern music hall on the Lower Main.  I don’t think there was more than 150 people in the room, but it was hard to tell from the dry ice.  Four shadowy figures were on stage,...

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Eric Bolander: The Troubadour of Lexington

I met Eric Bolander last summer at a BBQ joint in McMinnville, TN.  There’s a venue upstairs and he was playing with a couple of other guys.  My friend, Scott, knew one of the other guys, and so introduced me to him, we talked for a bit and he introduced me to Bolander.  He’s a big, hulking man, covered with tattoos, the kind who should be intimidating.  But he’s not, he smiles and laughs a lot.  I never did get to hear him play that night, he was first on, and by the time we got upstairs from the BBQ...

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A Guide to the Many Flags Visible in Barcelona These Days

[Originally published in Art4d Magazine] Barcelona is currently festooned with flags hanging from apartment balconies. It’s been this way especially since 2010, when the Spanish Constitutional Court in Madrid, responding to a legal challenge presented by the then recently elected Popular Party of Spain, overturned several articles of the 2006 Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia, including a particularly contentious one that made reference to Catalonia as a “nation.” This statute had previously been passed by the legislature of Catalonia and the parliament of Spain, and ratified in a referendum by the Catalan electorate, so its modification by the Spanish...

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Installment 14, Drew Milne’s “Defeat Devices,” takes up the EPA term for devices installed by Volkswagen and other car manufacturers to disguise the levels of real world emissions produced by their vehicles. Software recognizes lab conditions and changes the fuel regulation to suit, but once back on the road, the NOx and particulates emissions spike and far exceed regulation levels. Milne renders concrete those deadly remains that many prefer to keep out of sight and mind. *** DEFEAT DEVICES there in the software lies a tiger in the tank a cat called catalytics pumping particulates he takes a breather...

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